2006 Census community stories

Statistics shape many of the decisions that affect our lives. The census is the only survey in New Zealand that covers all of the population and provides the most complete picture of life in our cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas.

How you can use census information

The census is how we find out about who makes up our communities. From the census, we can get information about older New Zealanders, youth and children. We can look at the differences in the lives of men and women, or find out how our local town or district is unique. Comparing census information over time shows planners how the country is changing and allows them to forecast how it will change in the future.

Census statistics help develop policies and inform decision making, such as those on funding for schools, hospitals, social services and police. They also help businesses, and council and community organisations decide where to locate their services and what services to offer. Census information is also used to establish electoral boundaries for local and central government.

Find the community stories

Use the links in the Contents list above to find stories in different categories. You can move between the pages of stories using the 'next chapter' link at the top of each page of stories.

  • National interest – covering topics such as ethnic diversity, disability, our youngest kiwis and our families (also available in pdf format).
  • About regions in the North Island or the South Island.
  • Theme-based stories on:
    • business growth and planning
    • community services
    • education and training
    • ethnic/cultural communities
    • health and recreation
    • housing
    • infrastructure 
    • older people
    • transport and roads.